There are Three Types of Life Insurance

Whole Life

WI – Premium will not change.

All LIFE INSURANCE IS “WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE” Based on the AGE stated in the Policy/Contract.
A WHOLE LIFE policy LOCKS IN YOUR PREMIUM  and your Life’s Policy terms of Value and options. SHOULD YOU choose a PARTICIPATING OR NON-PARTICIPATING INSURANCE COMPANY? See/call Agent for questions and illustrations upon request (CA & VT only).  ASK FOR MARTIN.
Universal Life

UL – Premium and amount of coverage is adjustable.

The word UNIVERSAL LIFE is a combination of a Traditional Whole Life and a Term policy. You Control this policy, which means you must watch the COIs = (Costs Of Insurance)
See/Call Agent for questions and illustrations upon request (CA & VT only). ASK FOR MARTIN.
Term Life
T.L – Temporary protection for usually less than 40 year depends upon your age

NOTE: We provide Whole Life, Term and Universal Life from many companies and each individual has needs + conditions unique to them. As a result we assess each person individually as no one person has a cookies cutter need. Every person is different and deserves an analysis distinctive only to them. For a personal confidential review of your personal need + situation