Compare CalSavers to the Planning with OUR TEAM that will keep that $1 per $100 deposited in the employee’s pocket.

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The Ultimate Objective

We’ve looked into the CalSavers Plan and it seems to us that the Employers are the conduit from employee monies to the government to manage at a 1% fee ($0.95 per $100). The plan we propose will keep the employees $1 per $100 and FUTURE $1.00 PER $100 dollars deposited in their pocket.

Now and in the Future

This is what SIMPLE IRA PLANS aim to do like all Tax Deferred vehicles as it makes a large difference over a long period of time, Say 20 years. Not only will the Employees be depositing money but the Employer can Match 1-3% of their deposit they have made and have the ability to write that off of their company taxes. This is a large selling point for those EMPLOYEES looking to deposit money for the future and those EMPLOYERS looking to find more write offs.

A SIMPLE IRA PLAN can also be designed to be MEDI-CAL/MEDICAID COMPLIANT (This cannot be done with a 401k Plan) which allows an employee to retain government benefits AND deposit for their old age needs. —> A SIMPLE IRA plan would also give the individual control of their money INSTEAD OF having it at the mercy of the government and fees that will more than likely INCREASE as time continues……

Being DESIROUS OF depositing MONIES for Employees who want to plan for their future Retirement and Employers who are looking for MORE WRITE OFFS is THE ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE. This won’t fit everyone but it will fit many scenarios.

“Can Employers offer SIMPLE IRAs to Employees without enrolling themselves? No, the employer would have no choice if they choose the 2% to match. However, They could opt out if they picked the matching up to a 3% option.—-“

Chart sample for Simple IRA's