Of course health is important as well as other factors.

What must be remembered is that the policy YOU BUY spells out in words and numbers has the length of years of your policy. Check them – do not take for granted the links but most importantly, what happens after that number is over and you have no advance to the next year. There may be Options- Riders:enhancing your policies value to you or Endorsements . This is why you have an Agent, to advise you of your purchase. And this past comment remains true for each of the 3 policies available.

It must be understood that all life insurance is whole life insurance. The contract determines the years.

There are three basic contracts:

Whole Life
Universal Life
Term Life

Our agency only markets FIXED Life Insurance policies

The term FIXED is defined as a policy with certain Guarantees with regards to CASH VALUE if the policy is designed as a Whole Life or a Universal Life policy.