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Consider Covered California as a clearing house for medical insurance companies that will NOT ONLY provide you an avenue for health insurance but will also verify whether you qualify for a subsidy to assist in lowering your plan premium.

By contacting us, you will, at no extra cost, secure an Agent for your case who will not only provide you a quote BUT will annually assist you with re-qualifying BUT most importantly; if you have claims that you do not feel are correct from the Insurance Company and/OR Doctors, that Agent will assist you with RESOLVING THOSE CLAIMS or ISSUES such as referrals and costs of drugs or medical equipment etc.

Remember, dealing with an Insurance Company without an Agent is like going to court without a lawyer. It’s always best to have a seasoned Professional at your side when dealing with any Insurance Company and/or service providers.

NOTE: Changes in income, residence, family size etc. Must be reported to avoid any changes in premium that could effect your tax consequence annually. For this reason, we request that you contact us to guide you through this process as FINANCIAL CONSEQUENCES could DRAMATICALLY effect you if you’re not aware of the details that an agent can assist with your understanding and decisions.

Enrollment Timing

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Nov 1 – Dec 31

Special Enrollment Period (SEP)

Health Insurance
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These company links will allow you to view your quote and the ability to enroll in the plan of your choice.

Anthem BlueCross
UHC-Hospital Indemnity
Inexpensive Supplement Benefits