An Essay on the Subtleness of Advertising

Recently I remembered a thought in that some people are savers while others are “Pennywise and Dollar foolish”.
Could this be because some had to “save” in order to live where others were privileged enough to frivolously spend or
in other words, “unwittingly” spend, money.

As time continued and I sensed that my attention was subconsciously inundated with T.V., Internet, Radio and billboards about “Saving Money” If a person buys one product or service instead of another at a lower price that person is “Saving Money”, which is not true.


Notice the Words SAVE—> EXPAND the picture and pay close attention to the Words of the Yellow Coupon at the Top of the picture. —> “Spend Life Happy” <— Which is the Opposite of –> SAVE.

When that person buys that product/service they are “Not saving” they are “Spending Less/Money”.

“Spending Less Money” as Advertisers subtly imply is not the same as “Saving Money”

“Saving Money” occurs by Deliberately and Continually Depositing money into a savings account or piggy bank or IRA or 4O1k.

The next time you’re driving looking at billboards, Listening to the radio, or sitting watching T.V. or your Computer don’t

“unwittingly Think”

that “Spending Less” is the same as “Saving Money”.

Yet, Notice HOW Advertisements suggest you believe such.

“Spending Less” is not “Saving”